Bamboo - Tree of Life cont.

In our previous blog post we had familiarized you with bamboo as a type of grass, which is quite an interesting fact. This time we will take you through the dynamics of bamboo as a viable alternative to plastic.

Before we discover more about this species of grass, we would like to remind our readers that ONEarth is an environmental initiative dedicated to do right by it through sustainable means, by advocating for the three R’s of sustainability in consumption of plastic. There are numerous other ways of combating unsustainable living such as renewable energy sources against fossil fuel consumption, electric vehicles etc.

Plastic is one of the biggest challenges being faced by humankind. With respect to India, our coastlines and shores are crammed with plastic waste. Most of this waste ends up in the seas thereby feeding itself to the marine life. By 2023, the population of India is expected to hit 1.5 billion, thereby increasing consumption of plastic. And subsequently the overall carbon emissions will increase.

To counter the impact of plastic, nature has various means, one of them being bamboo. We invite you to explore the deeper mysteries of bamboo.

Bamboo is the fastest growing species in the plant family. It requires less water to grow (which rules out deployment of irrigation systems), releases high amounts of oxygen (higher absorption of carbon dioxide), is biodegradable (even fossil fuels pose a challenge when it comes to this), and it’s highly durable.

We are in the midst of a severe plastic crisis and it’s up to us to save this beautiful nature for our posterity in a way that is profoundly sustainable. And this is what ONEarth is all about. Help us achieve our responsibility by being a part of the ONEarth family.

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