Cire Jaune

Beeswax comes out of the honeycomb of the honeybees. The natural colour of the honeycomb is yellow, however, as a result of the infusion of pollen oils into the honeycomb walls, the colour turns to brown. Familiar produce of beeswax: Beeswax platelets that have been used in the making of our Beesless food wrap.

There are numerous health uses surrounding this honeybee gift however most of them lack scientific proof. These claimed uses are for treating burns, diaper rash, oral inflammation, ringworm, fungal infection, and stomach ulcers caused by anti-inflammatory drugs.

Each of these includes the use of olive oil along with beeswax. However, without scientific testing and approval, the internal use of the latter is not advised. Beeswax is good until kept outside the human body.

ONEarth’s food wrap is quite useful for covering food products. It can be washed – in cold water – and reused.

Even though beeswax wrapping is a good environmental alternative to the conventional plastic covering – can you think of synonymous choices for this input material?


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