Let’s Get Coco-Nutty!

Halo human!

How has the bamboo exploration been?

Now that you know about my favourite food as a precious environmental raw material, let’s venture into the land of coconuts (even though I no like it). LET’S GET COCONUT-TY!

If you are a South Indian native or have lived there for a long time, you already know about Mr. Coconut. Otherwise, don’t worry, I’m here!

Coconut is the largest nut in the world that grows on huge, majestic coconut palm trees. The most favourable condition for their growth is a hot and humid environment – which explains their abundance in Southern India. Some trees grow in the subtropics.

My bamboo is one of the most sustainable and useful plant that the nature could offer, but coconut is no less in being multi-purpose. Hut sheds of the coconut tree leaves, electrolytes loaded water and eco-friendly furniture, are some purposes.

Speaking of which – Did you know that ONEarth uses coconut shells to make my favourite bowls? They’re so pretty! Check it out:

They’re so much about making coconut shells more sustainable that they already are. It’s lovely!

I’m tired now.

I’ll be right here with more stories! Come back very soon!

Bye-bye human!

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