Reduce - The Second R of Sustainability


To begin with: Reduction of which product (s) that you use in your routine life would take you a step closer to being sustainable?

While you make the list, pondering over implication of the term, ‘reduce’ merits consideration. In the sustainability universe, being able ‘to reduce’ means being able to cut down on things that are of no significant value in terms of giving back to nature and replacing them with those that facilitate your way to lowering your carbon footprint.

These products can be tangible or intangible, for example, a plant-based diet instead of red meat (tangible) or walking over short distances instead of taking a ride or your vehicle (intangible).

It is about making conscious decisions about the choices that you have. At an individual level, such choices could make a massive difference when viewed from global perspective.

The act of reducing often coincides with replacing: When you reduce, you tend to replace. For instance, when you reduced your vehicle usage, you replaced it with either your bicycle or on-foot travel. Replacing enhances the fruits of the efforts that you obtain, out of you will and conviction to do so.

Some other things that fall under reduction are plastic toothbrush, plastic water bottle, polyester and nylon clothing, leather products etc.

You have one home, and one life. The decisions we make today are consequential on the future generations, for they will bear the brunt of our mistakes. Begin today, take the step.

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