Reuse - The First R of Sustainability

"What is that one thing that you focus on?" We are often asked.

Being sustainable is our driving force. We claim that. But what does it imply?

Over the course of time that ONEarth has run for, we have often seen sustainability equalled with environmental impact. The rationale behind sustainability is judicial utilization of resources for the purpose of sustaining the activity without exhausting the resource. Now, these resources could be of varied nature and not only environmental, for example, available ingredients in your kitchen for cooking to sustain for a week - how could those ingredients be deployed in the event of inability to procure more of them?

Being sustainable is the crux of survival of future generations. And right now, the present generations hold those cards. Therefore, it's extremely essential to comprehend sustainable functioning, which is dependent on the 3 R's: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

Reusing a product is one way through which carbon emissions are kept at bay. This especially applies to plastic.

About 95% of all the plastics are avoidable. However, there is the 5% plastic buffer which accounts for inevitable plastics. How does one mitigate the environmental impact of that 5% plastic quota?

Reuse what cannot or should not be thrown. If you have a plastic bottle, reuse it for multiple purposes. If there are polyester or nylon clothes in your wardrobe, instead of discarding them, develop uses for them. Such material cannot be recycled.

Judicial usage of available resources is one step towards sustainability. A slightly progressive step is reusing what you own.

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