Single-use coconut? Not at all!

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Coconut is quite multipurpose. Every part – coconut water, shell, husk, and white meat – is reused as raw material after the parent coconut has been consumed.

Let’s look at how these components are put to re-use:

  1. Coconut water: Being rich in electrolytes coconut water is widely distributed as part of a healthy beverage dish for athletes and health-conscious individuals. Furthermore, this water is treated as wastewater which is then recycled and used in irrigation.
  2. Coconut shell: Most of the coconut shell waste goes into the production of charcoal – think charcoal that absorbs impurities – which is put into wastewater treatment. However, due to carbon dioxide and methane being its by-products, its reuse is best suited for small scale purposes.
  3. Coconut husk: Ah! I love green! The husk works for soil improvement by improving its moisture retention capacity and fertility.
  4. White meat: It is the soft white part of the coconut which is used in coconut milk, creams, and grated coconut. I’ve seen your friends eat raw white meat.

Such unusual uses of coconut make it a wonder seed. There are many other forms in which re-processed coconut exists. But that’s for another time!

Stay tuned!

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