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Why do we fantasise about yoga more than before?

Why do we fantasise about yoga more than before? - ONEarth

“Yoga, a modern practise rooted in over 5000 years of ancient Indian scriptures and traditions, continues to gain popularity all over the world.” -Harvard Newsletter

The Art Of Yoga And A Sustainable Lifestyle Go Hand In Hand

The word 'yoga' comes from the Sanskrit word 'union’. It means the union between the spirit, body and mind. Apart from the implementation of yoga across various ailment-cures and physical fitness, it draws back to the traditional theory of connection with nature.

The techniques of yoga - including body practices, working with the breath, and discovering the natural east of the mind, reorients practitioners to the very deep continuity of life. The Sustainable Development Goals are underpinned by a strong moral agenda that appeals to the human yearning for harmony with fellow human beings and with the natural world of which we are part. The theory and practice of yoga, therefore, seems like a natural fit with this moral agenda.

The novel variations of yoga practice have opened a holistic fitness goal and have found an overseas baffle in the medical benefits. Thus, this art of practice has opened the gates of the presence of mind and essence of connectivity with nature.

Naturally, anyone who does yoga wants to do something good for the body and mind and also wants to live very consciously. This brings down to the attention of using sustainable yoga essentials for a sustainable habit.

Sustainable Yoga Mat (Cork: Raw material Used) At ONEarth

Millions of people around the world have rolled out their yoga mats to achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Hence, in ONEarth, we aim at creating a zero-waste yogic mat, which is the most essential yoga product. Each piece is made by artisans and producers who work and are paid according to the standards of fair trade. People and nature are the focus of the brand.

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Go Green Yoga Mat

This mat is made from a thin layer of natural cork on top of a natural rubber backing, both are biodegradable and renewable materials. Cork is made from the bark of cork oak trees. When managed sustainably (every eight to nine years), the harvesting won’t harm the oak trees, and they can live up to more than 200 years. A cork oak tree stripped of its bark can absorb more carbon dioxide in the regeneration process, so it helps combat climate change.

Comfort Based Sustainable Yoga Mat

Cork is naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal, which means it requires minimal maintenance and won’t give off a bad smell. And thus from being lightweight, flexible foldability and providing the right amount of bounce, the cork based yoga mat fits perfectly for the yoga adventure.

At ONEarth, our commitment is to provide sustainable healthy living accessible to all, with our zero-waste, eco-friendly products curated by artisans.

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