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Founding ONEarth

As young children in schools or even colleges, it is understandable to want to be popular. All boys want to appear cool and all girls want to appear pretty. Who doesn’t desire attention, after all?

I was no different. Like my friends, I too chased beauty as it was commonly understood or perceived, beginning with being fair and having a flawless skin. Expensive treatments in fancy parlours were often out of the question, since I hailed from a middle class conservative family, which meant my refuge was more often than not the home-grown remedies.

Things changed when I got a job. Now I had my own money to spend, which meant that I could go ahead and experience at least some of the products that were out there in the market. And I did. I subscribed to a host of beauty subscription boxes that existed in the market at the time.

Looking at that growing mountain of products, it was hard not to be struck by the cost of beauty that is borne both by us and by the environment. In our pursuit of the ideal, we tend to pursue anything and everything, impervious to the trail of waste we leave behind in our wake.

One of the things I am referring to, for example, is plastic.

War against plastic today is as far reaching as plastic itself. We’ve never before had such widespread awareness on the subject, with organisations and governments around the world taking independent initiatives to reduce the circulation of single use plastics.

In my case, it started with my toothbrush. And after that, it was hard to unsee how plastic had hijacked our lives. How could I be about organic and cruelty free products and not do my own bit to reduce plastic usage? Thus began my journey of living and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

In response to this problem, I wanted to create a company that mirrored the values of zero waste, ethical consumption and sustainability. I wanted to make it easy for other people looking to consume more mindfully and to encourage others to produce less waste."

I began my research and found some unique artisans of these products in different parts of country from Assam in the North East to Chennai in the South. Lacking the necessary skills and know-how to market their products to a larger audience, their small business was localised to their respective regions only.

Thus ONEarth was born.

Together with these artisans, today we are supplying these products to 10+ countries, creating a global supply chain.


"Waste to Wealth"

Once upon a time, Earth was its forests, with man coexisting harmoniously with animals and birds.Man has colonized most of her spaces and has remained a distant echo of what he himself once was.The Man of The Forests was stronger, faster, more resilient and ultimately healthier. He lived longer and was far happier. And he definitely did not need all the ‘things’ to keep himself occupied. The Man of Today is a slave to the jungle of metal, concrete and plastic that he has built. And ironically, it is slowly killing him.With ONEarth, we intend to take baby steps towards what we regard as the original, and by far the better, way of life. We intend to go back, gradually, to the forests, where we have come from, and where we will still find the ways and means to a fuller life, if only we are willing to look.

There must be a way to modernise and continue moving forward without necessarily hollowing ourselves out.

At ONEarth, that is what we intend to rediscover.


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