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The true cost of living

Nitika Sonkhiya

As young children in schools, everybody craves attention.

I was no different. Like my friends, I, too, chased beauty as I understood it, beginning with being fair and having a flawless skin. Expensive treatments in fancy parlors were often out of the question, since I hailed from a middle class conservative family, which meant my refuge was more often than not the home-grown remedies.

Things changed when I got a job. Now I had my own money to spend, so I could go ahead and experience at least some of the products that were out there in the market. And I did. I subscribed to a bunch of beauty subscription boxes that existed in the market.

Over time, looking at the growing mountain of products, it was hard not to be struck by the cost of beauty. I was leaving a trail of waste in my wake. For example, single-use plastic. It was not hard to see how plastic has hijacked our lives. 

That was the turning point. I began my exploration into sustainable living. From skincare products to jewellery to finally, lifestyle, home decor and personal care products, my journey to building up ONEarth has involved over 5 years of experimentation in different spaces.

ONEarth was conceptualized with an umbrella mission of reinventing lifestyles to better reflect sustainable choices that our planet needs, and providing cost effective, beautiful, durable alternatives to do so. From Fashion to the Kitchen, Travel to Wellness and the entire spectrum in between, we aim to provide products that don't burn a hole in your wallet. And sustainable packaging included!

Today, ONEarth has the largest handcrafted, eco-friendly, plastic-free products assortment in the country, and we are just getting started.

Together with you, we hope to leave a greener, healthier future for the children.


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