Eco Friendly Cork Yoga Mat and Brick Combo

Eco Friendly Cork Yoga Mat and Brick Combo

Eco Friendly Cork Yoga Mat and Brick Combo

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Cork yoga mats are a yogi’s best friend because of its lightweight, antimicrobial and high performance qualities and it is eco friendly! Isn’t it just perfect?

Taking care of your body and the environment just because very easy with our cork yoga set combo that comes with a yoga mat and a block.

Product features:
- Product: Yoga mat and block
- Material: Eco-friendly and sustainable cork
- Packaging: Completely Recyclable
- Size: Mat 24*72 Inch and Block: 9*5*3 inch
- Weight: Mat: 500gm Block: 300gm
- Thickness: Mat: 4mm
- Country of Origin: India

- Cork is non-allergic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial anti-static
- Antimicrobial - viruses, bacteria, fungus do not grow on cork
- Ultimate grip that improves when you sweat
- Sustainable, cork harvesting simulates tree growth
- Temperature resistant
- Thermal effective
- Low maintenance, highly durable
- Made in India


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