Eco Friendly Reusable And Washable Cotton Mesh Shopping Bag

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Eco Friendly Reusable And Washable Cotton Mesh Shopping Bag

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Who says you can’t go out to get groceries in style? Being ecological is the new cool and no one does it better than our eco friendly cotton mesh shopping bag. 

It is easily portable, washable and reusable and just think about the amount of plastic waste reduction by just one simple step that you take! So go to the store in style with our cotton mesh bag. 

Product Features:
- Product: Cotton mesh bag
- Material: Organic cotton
- Packaging: Recyclable bag
- Country of Origin: India

- Eco-friendly and bio-degradable
- Portable foldable and washable
- Durable
- Reusable
- Plastic free
- Usage: Picnics, campings, festivals, takeaways

#ONEarthfacts - cotton is a soft, fluffy fibre almost entirely made up of cellulose that grows up in a protective case around the seeds of a cotton plant. Being among the finer fibres available naturally, cotton breathes, so cotton made substances feel cool against your skin.

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    Your Favorites, Our Heroes.

    Health is wealth. ONEarth is working towards #sustainability and creating a #zerowaste society!

    Sanjana Vij

    Delightful products. Got some candles for decor and they go well pretty much anywhere!

    Mrunal Thakur

    I use quite a few of their products because unlike other products which use plastic, these are entirely biodegradable - love the candles too!

    Barkha Singh

    Eco-Friendly products for everyday use! I'm a proud eco-warrior. You could be one, too!

    Nisha Rawal

    They have a fabulous eco-friendly collection of personal use and care products. It's all natural - from their materials to their beautiful packaging! Should definitely give them a try.

    Shagun Khanna
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