Bamboo Reusable Makeup Removing Wipes - 10 wipes

ONEarth Bamboo Reusable Makeup Removing Wipes (10 wipes) - ONEarth

Bamboo Reusable Makeup Removing Wipes - 10 wipes

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Removing makeup is imperative for good skin and washing it with water doesn’t do the job. Conventional cotton pads and wet wipes are not easily biodegradable and cotton is grown out of a massive use of pesticides, fertilisers and water which is why it’s best not to use cotton as a single use item. 

Our bamboo reusable makeup removal wipes is the answer to your dilemma! It is soft and smooth on the skin and gently removes all of your makeup and after each use you can wash it in the laundry and you get a cute little laundry bag with it too. 

Take care of your skin and the environment together, how lovely! 

Zero-waste makeup removal

Avoid disposable cotton pads and use reusable makeup remover pads to reduce your daily waste. You can use Reusable pads or a soft cloth. The pads can simply be washed in the laundry. They come with a laundry bag to wash them together. This simple routine avoids a lot of waste to be generated. 

Product Specifications:
- Material: Bamboo
- Quantity and content: 10 Bamboo Terry wipes/box and mesh bag for machine wash. 


The Bamboo makeup remover pads after designed to be soft and durable. They make it possible to avoid disposable cotton pads.

- 100% Biodegradable 
- Sustainable
- Strong and durable
- BPA free
- Reusable upto 200 times
- Usage: Makeup clean care

Wash and Care:

Once used simply gather the used bamboo makeup remover pads in the cotton mesh bag. Then wash them in the laundry machine at 40C-60C. 

#ONEarthfact - Bamboo is a great and not a word. Bamboo is technically a grass although you’ve likely seen it and mistakenly described it as a wood due to it’s tree-like appearance.

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Health is wealth. ONEarth is working towards #sustainability and creating a #zerowaste society!

Sanjana Vij

Delightful products. Got some candles for decor and they go well pretty much anywhere!

Mrunal Thakur

I use quite a few of their products because unlike other products which use plastic, these are entirely biodegradable - love the candles too!

Barkha Singh

Eco-Friendly products for everyday use! I'm a proud eco-warrior. You could be one, too!

Nisha Rawal

They have a fabulous eco-friendly collection of personal use and care products. It's all natural - from their materials to their beautiful packaging! Should definitely give them a try.

Shagun Khanna
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