Coconut Shell salt and pepper- set of 2

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Coconut Shell salt and pepper- set of 2

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These contemporary coconut shell salt and pepper dispensers are not only a great kitchen accessory but also an eye catcher! The unique concept and design makes it the centre of attention on the dinner table. 

These salt and pepper dispensers are made up of coconut shells which means they are not only eco friendly and biodegradable but they are also a great way of reducing plastic waste, it is all about taking baby steps. 

Product features:
- Quantity: 2 coconut shell dispensers
- Material: Coconut shell
- Packaging: Completely recycled
- Size: 50-75ml 

- Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable 
- Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial
- Free of BPA and synthetics
- Durable
- Handcrafted
- Usage : Cutlery, Storage containers, Decorative items.

#ONEarthfacts: Just likes mangoes, cashews and cherries, the coconut is actually a drupe and not a nut. The drupe is a fleshy fruit with thin skin and a central stone containing the seed.


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    Health is wealth. ONEarth is working towards #sustainability and creating a #zerowaste society!

    Sanjana Vij

    Delightful products. Got some candles for decor and they go well pretty much anywhere!

    Mrunal Thakur

    I use quite a few of their products because unlike other products which use plastic, these are entirely biodegradable - love the candles too!

    Barkha Singh

    Eco-Friendly products for everyday use! I'm a proud eco-warrior. You could be one, too!

    Nisha Rawal

    They have a fabulous eco-friendly collection of personal use and care products. It's all natural - from their materials to their beautiful packaging! Should definitely give them a try.

    Shagun Khanna
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