Organic Neem Wood Comb set of 2

Organic Neem Wood Comb set of 2

Organic Neem Wood Comb set of 2

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Neem wood is a medicinal plant that is time tested by some traditions and believed to be scientifically recognized to be antibacterial, anti allergic and antibiotic; as an extra bonus it may also help reduce dandruff and promote scalp and hair health. Each piece is made by hand, by sustainable methods. In our production process, no trees are killed; rather we harvest wood from fallen trees to produce these beautiful combs.


  • Product: Natural reclaimed neem wood Comb
  • Packaging: Made with Recycled waste paper
  • Size: Handle-19cm Width 5cm 


  • It's a wonderful way in which to improve scalp health
  • Prevents hair loss and controls dandruff by distributing the oils throughout the scalp and hair and prevents the hair from drying out
  • Massages the scalp with every stroke and improves blood flow and feels amazing and stress relieving
  • Banish the frizz! No static as using plastic combs can cause
  • Not harsh on the hair and scalp like plastic combs and brushes
  • Neem wood is antifungal, antibacterial and anti static
  • There will be never any bacterial growth on the combs due to the Neem trees natural antibacterial and insect repellant nature.
  • Our combs are sustainably sourced and eco friendly with no damaging effects on the environment
  • Using a Neem wood comb has many benefits:

#ONEarthfact -A neem tree normally begins bearing fruit after 3-5 years, becomes fully productive in 10 years, and from then on can produce up to 50 kg of fruits annually. It may live for more than two centuries.

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Health is wealth. ONEarth is working towards #sustainability and creating a #zerowaste society!

Sanjana Vij

Delightful products. Got some candles for decor and they go well pretty much anywhere!

Mrunal Thakur

I use quite a few of their products because unlike other products which use plastic, these are entirely biodegradable - love the candles too!

Barkha Singh

Eco-Friendly products for everyday use! I'm a proud eco-warrior. You could be one, too!

Nisha Rawal

They have a fabulous eco-friendly collection of personal use and care products. It's all natural - from their materials to their beautiful packaging! Should definitely give them a try.

Shagun Khanna
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