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5 pocket-friendly steps towards sustainability

5 pocket-friendly steps towards sustainability - ONEarth

This is a problem that often gets the best of us. Being sustainable requires serious commitment, which apart from mental conviction also necessitates higher investment - given that most eco-friendly alternatives have traditionally been very expensive. The reason is pretty straightforward - never before in our history have we been so environment conscious. We have been occupied with growth and development, and that has taken precedence over everything else. Low cost, easy to manufacture, but durable and effective materials like plastics have become ubiquitous, and that has further made them cheaper to manufacture, and ultimately sell.  

However, this cannot be an excuse for us to not do what we can to live sustainably. It is the need of the hour. Here are 5 things you can do without burning a hole in your wallet:

  • Replace plastic with sustainable goods made from raw materials such as glass, tin, bamboo, fabrics such as jute. This means replacing those plastic bottles and containers with glass containers, using tin cans to store food or just simply the glass one. Pick those goods that are made from these materials. Cost effective alternatives are easily available in the market (check out our collection ;) ).
  • Avoid disposing of plastic. It will not decompose for hundreds of years. Reuse where you can.
  • Walk short distances instead of pulling out your vehicle.
  • Go for ecofriendly makeup. You can start by opting for reusable makeup removing wipes, for example the MyONEarth Bamboo Reusable Makeup Removing Wipes. Each wipe can be used up to 200 times, and is absolutely machine washable - or just by hand.
  • Upcycle/recycle whatever you can - jewellery, clothes, and others. When you look around, you will see plenty of opportunities.

To support a sustainable lifestyle, ONEarth curates eco-consciously made homeware, accessories, personal care products, gifts and kitchenware. Our products with their plastic free packaging support a ‘waste to wealth’ lifestyle and contribute to an ecofriendly way of living.

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