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Potential benefits of drinking from copper vessels

Potential benefits of drinking from copper vessels - ONEarth
A lot has been said and written about potential benefits of having trace amounts of copper in our bodies. Here's a quick recap of how it is believed to assist our well being:
  • Aiding in formation of haemoglobin and cell regeneration. This prevents iron deficiency and controls ageing.
  • Prevents cell damage by countering free radicals as an antioxidant. This makes it anti-carcinogenic.
  • Production of Melanin which protects one’s skin from the harmful UV rays
  • Reduction in cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Regulation of blood pressure
  • Regulation of functioning of Thyroid gland
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties. Relieves joint pain and accelerates healing.
  • Boosts digestion and the immune system   

However, it is important to note that scientific evidence regarding the above is not iron-clad, and that one must be careful. Copper is known to be beneficial in trace (very small) amounts only in the body. Excess of copper may lead to copper poisoning.

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