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Reorienting sustainability with healthy living

Reorienting sustainability with healthy living - ONEarth

The concept of sustainable development has a sense of vagueness to it. While you can measure the environmental impacts quantitatively for some activities such as vehicular use, others fall under the sustainability category. Being sustainable means use of resources in such a manner that there is sufficient amount left for future generations, and at the same time desires and demands of the current generation gets fulfilled. In other words, this is optimization of resource allocation based on the requirements of an activity - in one way: by turning waste into wealth.

There have been numerous explanations for sustainable living, with the ‘doughnut economics’ explanation being the most eye-catching due to its targeted explanation of the phenomenon. Given by the renowned economist Kate Raworth, doughnut economics in the most basic terms is a calibrated approach towards efficient resource allocation - in the sense that in order to maintain balance in the economy the available resources should be distributed in such a manner that there is neither overuse nor shortage of them. 

Another way of looking at this is by looking at the 3 pillars of sustainability: Socio-economic system, social-environmental, and environmental economy. All the three exist in harmony with each other to maintain the balance in the ecosystems.

Some of the ways to live a sustainable life are:

    1. Switching from a meat-based diet to a plant-based one
    2. Reduced usage of vehicles and more travel on bicycles or foot
    3. Minimizing food waste
    4. Calling out unsustainable practices
    5. Self-sufficiency
    6. Buying more local produce

Keeping this in consideration, MyONEarth has focused upon recycling waste products such as the coconut shells. More often than not, these go into waste landfills or are discarded in forest grounds. This leads to clogging of the soil thereby depriving the plants and trees the nutrients they need. Among the many benefits of the shell, one of them is lifestyle. Our coconut shell candles, cutlery sets and bowls are some of the finished products.

Join us in promoting a healthier way of life, the one that is more sustainable and ecofriendly. You can also get involved by writing to us at or subscribing to our newsletter.

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