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The wonders of Jute

The wonders of Jute - ONEarth

A lot of us have seen Jute sacks or burlaps used for packing of wheat, rice and other agricultural and industrial commodities. Not without reason - nearly 75% of Jute production is used this way.  

India is the world's largest producer of jute, accounting for over 50% of world-wide jute production. Bangladesh accounts for another 45%+ of worldwide Jute production. In India, the industry is centered in Assam, Bihar, and West Bengal. 

Jute is a 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly material. It grows easily without much need of fertilizer or pesticides. It is in great demand due to its cheapness, softness, length, lustre and uniformity of its fiber. It has high tensile strength, low extensibility, and ensures better breathability of fabrics. Jute is also referred to as Golden Fiber for its high cash value and color.

The jute fiber comes from the stem and outer skin of the jute plant. The jute stems are bundled together and immersed in slow running water for the necessary time. After this, stripping begins. Non-fibrous matter is scraped off, and then fibers are extracted from within the jute stem.

Jute is used in the production of a lot of home decor items. About 15% gets consumed in the carpet industry, and about 10% goes into the production of padding, ropes, twine, bags and other decorative items.

At ONEarth, we think that Jute makes for an excellent alternative to plastic. We have a wide variety of handbags and home decor items in our catalog made from Jute. These are trendy, very durable and environment friendly.

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