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Warli Art Design Credits

Rajesh Mor - Warli Artist working under

The Gondwana Art Project
By Craft and Community Development Foundation

Craft and Community Development Foundation (CCDF) is a registered not for profit social entity set up with the aim to support and fund projects that enhance livelihood for communities focused on the art and crafts sector. The Foundation takes up projects for upskilling artisans by introducing new concepts and design, keeping intact the authenticity of their art and help connecting them to new markets.

Warli Art

Warli artist Rajesh Mor from the village of Dahanu in Maharashtra, is a skillful talent in the tribal industry, with the courage of experimentation, makes his art stand out. With his experience and skillset, he creates artworks of philosophical and traditional background, with new composition and color theories. His artworks reflect the society and self from tribal to modern life.


Rekha Namdev, SHG MEMBER 


Rekha is a skilled tailor in the Hasan Pura Slum of Jaipur. Living in a rented house with her two daughters and a chronically sick husband, she took charge to become the family's primary breadwinner. She was determined to work through this setback and decided to enroll as one of the self-help groups (SHGs) managed by the Centre for Human Rights and Social Welfare (CfHRSW), a non-profit organization working in her community that helps uplift the weaker and vulnerable sections of society. However, little did she realize that the onset of COVID 19 would derail her best-laid plans and diminish her savings within a short period. With the city of Jaipur imposing a strict lockdown to control the virus, she began facing a turbulent time due to her inability to provide for her family.


The provision of livelihood for these 22 women in the SHG that was spearheaded by none other than Rekha. For Rekha, this meant she could feed her family, pay her rent, pay for her daughters to continue their education in a good school, and most importantly help alleviate her mental stress caused due to her finances. Also, this small initiative has gone a long way in improving women confidence to support their families through these turbulent times. There are several other women whose problems if not eliminated, have undeniably been alleviated due to this collaboration.


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