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Onearth Eco friendly Sponge Wipes (Pack of 5)

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"It's amazing, affordable and feels superb to clean kitchen!"

- Kanika

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a) Product Specifications:

Sponge Wipes are the perfect multipurpose surface cleanser that cleanses and wipes off any dirt, spills, or dust from the surface. Made of regenerated cellulose, these are fully recyclable after use. You may clean it with water if it gets dirty. This multi-functional and reusable sponge wipe for surface cleaning removes any spills with a single sweep while leaving no water stains or lint behind. These sponges are very absorbent and make it easier to clean wet surfaces. Sponge wipes serves several purposes, perform effectively, and is also economical, dispenser-friendly, and practical

  • Cellulose sponge also known as Sponge cloth or Swedish cloth.
  • Pack of 5 and size is 16 by 20 cm.

b) FAQs:

  1. How many times can I reuse the wipes?
    Upto 200 times.

  2. How to wash and care for the wipes?
    Hand wash with water.

  3. What are cellulose cloths made of?

    Cellulose sponge cloths (sometimes called cellulose dishcloths, Swedish dishcloths, or European dishcloths) are thin, sponge-like cloths made from cotton and cellulose fibers. They are typically produced in rectangular or circular sheets that are relatively firm when dry and very flexible once wet.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews Write a review



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